Grand Victoria II

A Modern Luxury Home Exudes Grace And Refinement

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1,536 square feet
Consultation, Contracting, Furniture Design
Cheung Sha Wan | Grand Victoria II

A quiet luxurious house emphasizing understated elegance, timeless appeal, and high-quality materials. The homeowners are a retired couple who plan to return to Hong Kong to settle down, looking for a serene and calming spaces to enjoy life.

The refined decor palette allows the thread of bespoke wood, gold and marble details that create harmony with the natural environment. The result is a peaceful, cozy living space where the homeowners can be rejuvenated.


A Modern Luxury Home Exudes Grace And Refinement

It is a texture-focused home design with an exquisite open-plan living room. The huge window offers an influx of natural light that makes the room feel more spacious. The Laconic white and grey color palettes creates a sense of healing and relaxation.

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